Email other learners with the Email tool

The Email tool allows you to send email from within Brightspace Learning Environment. You can also organize received mail using folders and store email addresses using the Address Book.

From the navbar, click Email.

Where can I find my Instructor's email?

Some good places to find your instructor’s email address are:

  • Your Course Syllabus. This may be posted in the Content tool in Brightspace Learning Environment
  • Your class list
  • The Classlist tool in Brightspace Learning Environment

I am unable to login to my school email portal (not Brightspace), what do I do?

If you are unable to log in to your school email portal, contact your institution’s Help Desk.

Why can I only see some emails in my inbox?

If you know you have more emails than you can see on the page:

  • Ensure the email filter is not restricting the emails you are seeing. From the Filter By list, select All Messages.
  • You might have multiple pages for your email. Make sure to look through all pages and/or expand the number of emails that appear per page.

How can I forward my D2L emails to another account?

To forward D2L emails to another account:

  1. From the navbar, click Email.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under Forwarding Options, check the Forward incoming messages to an alternate email account check box. Enter the forwarding Email Address, then select your preferences.

I get a "Not Authorized" error trying to access my Email, what do I do?

From the navbar, click on your Message Alerts (envelope icon). Do you see this message?

You must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled: {Quiz Name}

Once you complete the quiz detailed in the message alert, you will be able to access your email - while the quiz is in progress, your email access is disabled by your instructor.

I cannot access my email inbox, I can only send emails

Your institution has send-only email enabled. You cannot receive emails in Brightspace.