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Frequently Asked Questions
What is BORIS?
BORIS stands for "Board of Regents Identity System".

The BORIS system allows users to log into Desire2Learn, WebAdvisor & ImageNow with a single username and password.
What is my Colleague/Datatel/Student ID?
Your Colleague ID (also known as a Datatel ID) is a 7 digit number that is usually found on your university ID card. It can begin with a '1' or a '7'. An example of a Colleague ID is '1234567'. If you can log into WebAdvisor, your Colleague ID is listed with the information under "My Profile". If you don't know your Colleague ID, please contact your University Help Desk for assistance.
What is my Username?
To access WebAdvisor and D2L, you need a username and password. The username is assigned when you are added to the WebAdvisor registry and consists of your first initial, middle initial and last name. To prevent duplicates, sometimes the username contains random numbers following the last name. For example, a person named John James Doe might have a username of jjdoe. If there is more than one John J Doe, other usernames might be, for example, jjdoe1234 or jjdoe5678.

Your University web site should have information on how to find your username. If you have trouble locating your username, please contact your University Help Desk for more information.
Which email address do I need to use?
To reset your password, you can use any email address that is displayed on the Find My Email link.
I don't have access to an email address any longer - how do I change it?
Contact your University Help Desk or the Registrar's office to change your personal email address.
I reset my password using BORIS, but when I log into Desire2Learn, it asks me to reset my password. What do I do now?
If you do see this page, you need to talk to your University Helpdesk, and tell them that you need to have them disable "Forcing a password change at logon in Desire2Learn" on your account.
The password reset process does not recognize my last name and Colleague ID/BORIS username combination. What do I do?
Contact your University Help Desk or the Registrar's office for assistance.
I got an email saying that somebody retrieved my password, but I didn't do it. What do I need to do now?
We have designed this system to be as secure as possible. If somebody attempted to reset your password, they will have to access your email to actually change your password. If your password still works in Desire2Learn, WebAdvisor and/or ImageNow, then your account is still secure.